Operation IMPACT

A school fundraiser is eventful and informative to both students and staff faculty. Children and teenagers are offered the opportunity to help other children.
The money collected through Operation IMPACT assists operations of impoverished children with unnecessary disabilities such as polio, clubfoot, cleft lip and cleft palate. The operations are executed at IMPACT’s floating hospital Jibon Tari in Bangladesh.

After the fundraiser, the school is given a detailed report on how collected funds have been spent. The report constitutes before and after pictures of the children who, because of the operations, are given the opportunity to live a normal life. It proves highly motivating for the students to find how the funds they’ve collected have made such significance. This helps create a sound attitude towards solidarity and justice.

Organization and execution of an Operation IMPACT

It’s up to each school of how they wish to organise and execute the fundraiser. The arrangement can adapt to all levels, from primary school to lower secondary school to university and folk high schools.

Examples of activities tied to the fundraiser: exhibitions, lotteries, cake sale, contests, shows, cleanups, flea markets … The only limit is your own imagination!

IMPACT Norway assists with information material, and will also be available for school visits to discuss our projects and project countries. This is educational, and often shows to be highly popular with the students.

Could Operation IMPACT be something for your school to try?

Contact kristin.hansen@impactnorway.org for an uncommitted chat.

Operation IMPACT at Moltemyr school in ArendalOperation IMPACT at Moltemyr school in Arendal, Norway.

Thanks to the students and staff faculty at Moltemyr school in Arendal, an excess of 200 000 NOK have been raised and more than 400 children have had life changing operations with the opportunity for a better life. The school has held an annual fundraiser during their International Day over the course of four years.

For pictures of their International night and inspiration, click here.