IMPACT improves community health, and prevents and reverses unnecessary disabilities with simple tools. We operate in hard-to-reach-areas of developing countries where people live in poverty-stricken conditions, left to themselves without any health care services. Some of our projects are built specifically for preventable purposes, such as our organized women’s groups and nutrition projects.

Of the 1 billion disabled people around the world, 800.000 of those reside in impoverished countries. Research shows how more than half of the world’s disabilities could have been prevented with adequate health care service. IMPACT’s objective is for no one to experience unnecessary disabilities stemming from disease, lack of knowledge or limited medical offers and resources.

Mobile clinics & hospitals

In order to reach out to the remote and almost inaccessible areas on the countryside, IMPACT has developed mobile concepts such as floating hospitals, hospital trains and 4WD-transport equipped with an operation tent. Simple surgery is performed, offering sight, hearing or mobility back to locals who have become unnecessary disabled.

Women’s groups and nutrition