“Jibon Tari” – Floating hospital in Bangladesh

For a long time, IMPACT Norway has funded the operation of Jibon Tari – the Floating Hospital in Bangladesh, offering services such as the restoring of eyesight, hearing or mobility by the help of simple surgical interventions.

An approximate number of 16 million people in Bangladesh have a disability, most of who live on the countryside without access to modern health care facilities. Jibon Tari uses the rivers of Bangladesh to access those people, and perform about 3000 surgical interventions each year with more than 25 000 outpatient treatments. Alongside this, the Hospital Train sends out teams for the nearby areas to educate the locals on preventive health actions. This preventive action impacts about 30 000 people annually.

Since its start-up in 1999, more than 400 000 patients have been treated in 26 different locations in Bangladesh.

By donating 400 NOK to Jibon Tari, you enable a disabled person to regain their eyesight, hearing or mobility.

Watch Al Jazeera’s documentaries on Jibon Tari here.

The Cure: Bangladesh’s Floating Hospital, Part 1
Al Jazeera, September 3, 2013

The Cure: Bangladesh’s Floating Hospital, Part 2
Al Jazeera September 3, 2013

Watch CNN’s news story on IMPACT’s Jibon Tari «Making a difference – one smile at the time» here.

«A group of doctors and nurses from Aussie-Bangla Smiles travels to Bangladesh to help impoverished children with lip cleft and palate cleft smile again, at IMPACT’s floating hospital Jibon Tari in Bangladesh».
Breaking News CNN, 24 March 2011