Taking action against needless disability

IMPACT helps people in hard-to-reach areas without health services, with a focus on prevention and treatment of unnecessary disabilities.

MPACT Norway is a non-profit foundation, registered in Association of NGOs in Norway (Frivillighetsregisteret) and The Norwegian Foundation Register (Stiftelsesregisteret), organization number 983141021. IMPACT Norway is a member of The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising (Innsamlingskontrollen), and approved by The Norwegian Tax Administration for tax deduction for gifts to non-profit foundations. IMPACT Norway is a member of UN association of Norway (FN-Sambandet), and cooperational organization within The Atlas Alliance.

IMPACTs vision is a world where disability is reduced to an absolute minimum, as a result of targeted preventive action.

IMPACTs goal is that nobody will be unnecessary disabled as a result of disease, lack of knowledge or limited medical services and resources.

Administration and Board

Executive Advisory Board


Our policy documents for download:

  • Utviklingsstrategi (Norwegian)
  • Etiske retningslinjer (Norwegian)
  • Regnskap 2015 (Norwegian)
  • Årsberetning 2015 (Norwegian)
  • Vedtekter (Norwegian)
We help people in hard-to-reach areas without health services

Kontaktperson: Peter Daae
Adr.: c/o Daae, Olaf Bulls vei 5c, 0765 Oslo
Tlf.: (+47) 907 47 509 983 141 021

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