IMPACT’s projects has received a lot of positive review n both local and international media, for example BBC og Al Jazeera. In this section you can read articles and watch videos about IMPACT’s important work. Some articles are in Norwegian.

Floating Clinic Digitize to Serve Patients Better

“With support from UNAID, DAI and MEKOM Solutions The Lake Clinic Cambodia has digitize their paper-based medical record system for them to better deliver their service to the floating communities on Tonle Sap. Watch the video to see what is going on in the communities and how this have helped to make their lives easier.”
Development Innovations Cambodia, 31 januar 2019

India’s Hospital Train

“With medical care often too expensive or too far away for those in rural areas, people come from far and wide when the train pulls into a town.”
Al Jazeera, 18 oktober 2018

This Tea-Seller From MP Is The First Cancer Patient To Undergo Surgery On A Train

“Apart from the restorative surgeries conducted for correcting sight, hearing, clefts, burns, orthopaedic impairment, epilepsy and dental problems, the medical teams on Lifeline Express will focus on the detection and control of oral, breast and cervical cancers, prevention of stroke and on providing family planning and health services to the people.”

Read the full article here.
Huffington Post, 27. desember 2016

Read previous media coverage here

We help people in hard-to-reach areas completely lacking health services

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