Makeover for TLC-4

The elements takes its toll on the TLC-4

With funding from IMPACT Norway, the ambulanceboat TLC-4 is getting a makeover. The boat is an essential part of running the floating clinics on the Tonlé Sap and ensures that essential medical aid is brought to the floating villages where The Lake Clinic operates.

The boat is now on stilts at the harbour in Kompong Loung and is getting a proper cleaning, new coat of paint and engine overhaul – we are exited to see the finished result!


Kontaktperson: Peter Daae
Adr.: c/o Daae, Olaf Bulls vei 5c, 0765 Oslo
Tlf.: (+47) 907 47 509 983 141 021

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Du kan sette inn en donasjon på vår konto 6030.05.72068 eller med VIPPS 91182

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