Improved nutrition against needless disability

IMPACT Norway is mobilizing resources to projects working toward preventing unecessary disabilities in developing countries. A part of this is to improve nutritional intake in residents of poor countries and to strengthen women’s position in rural areas.  

Poverty and nutrition are often closely linked and can be traceable to lack of knowledge, economical status and decreased availability of goods and commodities. More than 2 billion people are lacking essential nutrients, and more than a third of child deaths are due to malnutrition.

IMPACT has experienced how establishment and management of vegetable gardens can be a highly efficient way to strengthen impoverished women in the villages as well as their families. The gardens, combined with education and training, ensure families intake of vital nutrients in their diet, preventing malnutrition, illnesses and potential unnecessary disabilities. This is particularly important to children and young people’s development.

The vegetable gardens offer the women possibility in partaking in the local creation of wealth. Sales from surplus produce offer the family extra income. This makes the woman an economical contributor and a person of resource to the family; hence her position in the family and community is strengthened.

These are three projects where IMPACT Norway contribute to increased awareness concerning nutrition, and aid in preventive measures against unnecessary disabilities.

Women’s Groups and vegetable gardens in Meherpur, Bangladesh

Women’s Groups and vegetable gardens in Meherpur, Bangladesh

Besides the support of establishing vegetable gardens, the women are invited to participate in group education where they are informed of the contents of different vegetables (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients) and why this is important to the body.

They are also demonstrated how to use the vegetables to prepare tasty and healthy food. Group education offers the participants of the project a social network and a safe arena where they can come together with other women.

Kali Foundation supports our work with the vegetable gardens and women’s groups of Bangladesh. 

Mother’s Club in Meherpur, Bangladesh

In Chuiadanga, the western part of Bangladesh, IMPACT has a small, well run hospital. This is the centre from where the outreaching to more than a thousand mother’s clubs is organized: with more than 20 members in each, 20 000 women receives valuable knowledge each month, as well as training in subjects such as correct nutrition, proper hygiene, mother/child and childbirth complications, and women’s rights.

Mother's Club The Lake Clinic

Vegetable gardens and Mother’s Club at Tonlé Sap, Cambodia

Inspired by Bangladesh, IMPACT Norway has collaborated with The Lake Clinic, KIDS og Global Roots to put up a pilot project of floating gardens in Moat Klah on the Tonlé Sap Lake in order to prevent malnutrition.

The floating gardens consist of bamboo sticks and hyacinths, an aquatic plant with no further commercial or nutritional value, but who hinder the access to the lake and covers thriving fishing areas.

The goal of this relatively cheap and simple source of healthy, nutritious food, children’s health and future will improve by the correct nutrition. This will hopefully result in increased time spent and school and less time at The Lake Clinic!

Mother's Club The Lake Clinic

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