Post-Polio operation

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By giving 500 kroner, you give a person the opportunity to get up and walk. Polio often causes injuries to the legs that cause them to crawl. With an operation, and with the help of splints and crutches, these people get to their feet.

Polio is a highly contagious viral disease. Fortunately, more and more people have been vaccinated, and polio has been eradicated from most countries. But there are still thousands who have been paralyzed due to lack of treatment. Many children and adults are hoping for an operation and your contribution is important!


IMPACT has several programs where they perform post-polio operations:

On the hospital train “Lifeline Express” in India, on the floating hospital “Jibon Tari” in Bangladesh, hundreds of operations are performed at an average price of 500 kroner.

Polio often affects children and those who do not receive treatment can become so disabled that they lose the ability to walk. Fortunately, polio has been eradicated through vaccine programs in most countries of the world. But in poor countries where you do not have aids, people who have previously had polio must crawl through life. Then they are often expelled and have no opportunity to participate in the local community.

The hospital boat Jibon Tari travels far into Bangladesh, where there are no roads and where people have almost never seen a doctor. Here, polio sufferers get the opportunity for a new life, they get an operation, equipment and training. In these societies, it is about getting food, and being able to contribute to the family. It can the people who get the opportunity to go again. Without Jibon Tari, they would have continued to crawl, alone through life.

After being in operation for more than 20 years, tens of thousands have regained mobility as a result of IMPACT’s surgery. Give 500 kroner to IMPACT today – it helps to help!


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