Sanga Yoga for Impact Christmas Calendar

We are so excited and honoured to be a part of this fantastic initiative.

This digital Christmas Calendar was initiated by Claudia & Theresa from Sanga Yoga. They wanted to give people some valuable tools to use during this different and and challenging advent season and to end this year on good terms, while at the same time raise awareness and funds for a good cause.

They have brought together an impressive group of yoga teachers and experts from Norway and around the world. Everyday from 1st-24th December the calendar will offer an online live practice. This will happen inside the  Facebook Group called Sanga Yoga For IMPACT Christmas Calendar.

Free and open for everyone to join

It’s free for everyone to join, and the classes are donation based. There are a wide variety of classes, ranging from lunch break yoga, pre- and postnatal yoga, flow, yoga for inflexible men, yoga stories for kids, and much more. So, there is really something for everyone.

All the teachers are doing this out of kindness, completely free of charge, to give back to society and support a good cause. As you can see from the live schedule below it is an impressing program.

Supporting Mothers Clubs in Cambodia

The goal is to raise 100.000 Norwegian kroner for IMPACT’s Mothers Club programs on the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, run by The Lake Clinic Cambodia. The Lake Clinic annually serves over 20.000 people living in isolated floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake. With 5 floating clinics  (of which 4 is funded by IMPACT) they serve 9 villages.

In addition to providing the population with accessible health care (TLC is the only form of health care available for these floating communities), a lot of focus is places on prevention of disiease through information.  Therefore The Lake Clinic have created in-home “Mother’s Clubs” in all of the villages, providing counselling on issues surrounding antenatal care, sanitation and hygiene, birth spacing and contraception, parting, nutrition, general health and hygiene, and much more. The goal with the mother’s club is to decrease maternal, child, and infant mortality rates across the lake.

If successful, this event will help running the important Mothersclub program for an entire year, including outreach programs to monitor children at risk (CAR), provide safe drinking water, and to set up floating vegetable gardens to prevent malnutrition.

Would you like to join the group?

Everyone is very welcome. You do not need any previous yoga experience to join. If fact, this is a great introduction to various practices and different teachers. Go to: Sanga Yoga For IMPACT Christmas Calendar.

For more information an live updates, follow @impactnorway and @sangayoga on Instagram

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to everyone participating and making this special event possible. It’s beyond amazing!

Kristin H. OIshi, Chairman of the Board, IMPACT Norway


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