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You and your company can support IMPACT Norway in a number of ways. We aim for a win-win-win situation where all partners benefit from the cooperation. We work on different levels with businesses and organisations, large or small, which are passionate about the same things we are. Business supporters are of high importance to IMPACT Norway, and we always welcome new supporters to the team.

We have a wide range of knowledge concerning this area, and we can assist with developing a uniquely suited support system for IMPACT Norway through your company. Contact Ida at for a informational chat. You can also fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The global community focuses in a continuously larger degree on how the business sector ’s commitments contribute to a sustainable development for our society. Today it is more or less implied for businesses to take their share of the responsibility and show both ethical and responsible behaviour. Hence corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a necessary element in a company’s strategy should they wish to succeed. Is this merely an extra cost to the company, or is it something to benefit from?

Doing good is good for business.

CSR actually offers handsome rewards for the company. It holds a legitimacy and reputation that embodies great competitive advantages. This can create new business opportunities, create customer loyalty and help increase sales. Further, this can create a more attractive workplace with more motivated staff. It can strengthen the relationship to present business partners and the local community. The benefits are many.

Why support IMPACT Norway in particular?

  • IMPACT is a professional business partner.
  • IMPACT has a clear niche focus. We work with society’s most vulnerable and marginalized; impoverished and disabled people in hard to reach areas of the world.
  • IMPACT prevents and treats reversible disabilities amongst the most deprived communities that are without any form of health care services.
  • IMPACT offers people their eyesight, hearing and mobility back – and the possibility for a life of value.
  • Our aid is direct, with lasting results to prove it.
  • The projects are cost efficient and reaches out to a significant amount of people.
  • The projects are unique and evoke attention.
  • IMPACT has excellent procedures of reporting, with the possibility of visiting our projects first hand.
  • IMPACT stimulates rethinking. For more on IMPACT’s projects, press here.

IMPACT Business Partner

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