Volunteer work for IMPACT Norway

IMPACT Norway is a small and efficient foundation. We are in close partnership with local sister foundations and presents cost efficient projects with excellent results in promoting better health, and prevent and reverse unnecessary disabilities in the third world.

We keep administration costs at a minimum; hence qualified volunteer staff is of big use to us. Are you passionate about the same things we are? Would you consider contributing with your time and your commitment?

In Norway we currently have the need for volunteers to help us:

  • spread knowledge and awareness of our significant work
  • develop PR material
  • edit film and create animations
  • translate documents (mainly English -> Norwegian)
  • recruit regular donators
  • write and publish articles concerning IMPACT
  • initiate fundraisers
  • organize fundraising events

As a volunteer in IMPACT Norway it is essential you are committed and can work independently.

Internationally we are in need of:

  • doctors and surgeons
  • journalists and photographers

Would YOU consider doing something meaningful on your time off, and work as an IMPACT Norway volunteer? Contact ida.donovan@impactnorway.org.

Doctors and surgeons make a difference in Bangladesh

Watch the video on volunteer doctors and surgeons at IMPACTS Floating Hospital Jibon Tari in Bangladesh.


Impact Norway
Contact person: Peter Daae
Address: c/o Daae, Olaf Bulls vei 5c, 0765 Oslo
Phone: (+47) 907 47 509
Org.no: 983 141 021

Give a donation?
There are many ways you can donate to IMPACT, such as granting any amount to our account: 6030.05.72068.

Member of

IFIO (International Federation of IMPACT Organisations)
IK (Innsamlingskontrollen)
Lotteri- og Stiftelsestilsynet

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